Value Added Services

Responding to industry requirements, MASS Precision offers advanced, electronic assembly services. This segment of our facility now encompasses a total of 32,000 Sq. Ft. of dedicated area — 12,000 Sq. Ft. of which includes a built-in ESD flooring. This part of our resource is devoted to system integration and manufacture of complex electro-mechanical assemblies, serving the leading OEM manufacturers of Silicon Valley. 

Design, Analysis and Work Cells

We provide comprehensive design, engineering analysis and support, linking our sheet-metal expertise and an array of contract manufacturing services which include custom-designed power supplies, back plane assemblies, complex printed circuit boards and cabling systems. Our structure of Flexible Work Cells enables us to rapidly expand to thirty product lines, including Lean Mfg, Kanban and Continuous Flow. We provide test development in response to customer requirements, augmenting our conventional Hi-Pot and Ground tests.

Today’s Market Place

MASS Precision provides services to the fastest evolving businesses in today’s electronic marketplace, meeting requirements from quick-turn prototypes through high volume production. Speed is the defining characteristic that describes our marketplace. Flexibility is the needed response. A response wherein all of a product’s manufacturing phases, from design implementation through final shipment, occur in parallel, without any compromise in quality or service. The competitive edge in today’s marketplace demands that we engineer, prototype, test and initiate production of a new product, thereby shortening our customer’s product development cycle and freeing them to advance to new market innovate.


MASS has the capability to procure and design custom packaging to suit the needs of our Customers Project for both local and International deliveries.