5th Axis Vertical Milling

 Our DMU-50 5th axis vertical machining center offers a highly-rigid, built-in tilting rotary table, unique to this machine tool. The rotary configuration allows work pieces with complex contours and features to be finished in a single machine setup. It has tremendous weight capacity and will increase machining accuracy while reducing cycle time. 5-axis, simultaneously controlled machining with our DMU-50 is ideal for sculptured components as well as prismatic parts in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

 Horizontal Milling

 Our CNC horizontal mills feature a built-in rotary universal table that allows milling at various angles. The advantage of horizontal machining lies in the arbor-mounted side and face mills. The cutters have good support from the arbor and a larger cross-sectional area than other mills. Heavy cuts can be taken enabling rapid material removal rates. Several cutters may be ganged together on the arbor to mill a complex shape of slots and planes. Specialized cutters can also cut grooves, bevels, radii, or indeed any section desired.

 CNC Lathe

MASS employs cutting edge CNC mill/ turn technologies to produce components for a broad range of industry applications. Cycle times are shorter ; Changeovers are more frequent, and parts are more intricate.


Our AG600L Wire EDM features Sodick’s Linear Motor Technology. The AG Series is where speed meets accuracy. The AG600L is a precision machining solution that is ideal for medium to large sized medical, aerospace, energy related parts and die/molds that require close tolerances and fine surface finishes.