Quality Policy: Satisfy the Customer by Meeting or Exceeding Expectations Through Continuous Improvement and Meeting Regulatory Requirements.

In 1993, MASS Precision became one of the first Design and Manufacturing company on the West Coast to be Certified to I.S. EN ISO 9001:2008. State of the art inspection equipment and methodology combine to provide the customer with the assurance that their products will meet specification. Coordinate measuring machines, both contact and optical, are used to capture SPC data and process capability analysis.

MASS is certified to I.S. EN ISO 13485:2012 (ISO Standard Quality Management System for the design and manufacture of medical devices).
Scope: Contract Design, Manufacturing, System Integration and Testing of Metal Components, Assemblies and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies for (Non-Sterile) Medical Applications

MASS is a registered Medical Device Manufacturer in the State of California.
MASS is FDA Registered.




MASS Precision embodies “Commitment to Quality”
in the following elements:


 Quality Planning

MASS plans all aspects of our business. We establish annual quality objectives and measure performance in Quality Metrics, defect analysis, audits, and cost of Quality.
Formal Management Review is incorporated into the framework of daily business for reviewing risks, key processes, systems and quality metrics, preventive and corrective actions, and responsiveness. We utilize specific planning techniques such as the NPI process to manage projects through all phases – Sales Analysis, Estimating, Engineering and Prototype to Production. MASS uses advanced quality techniques such as APQP, FMEA design verification (DFM) and Quality Engineering.

Continuous Improvement

MASS has a comprehensive training program which provides employees with opportunities to improve in all processes within our business.
For continuous improvement, relevance, effectiveness and responsiveness to current issues, standard practices and workmanship standards are constantly challenged.
Sr. Quality Team comprised of senior management establishes goals, works to achieve goals and set new goals, and thus, “raise the bar” to a new level of excellence.
Objectives are clearly defined, measured and analyzed and progress recognized. Self-directed work teams are in place that set goals, measure, analyze and report results. Corporate Training program administered and assessed by Human Resources, ensures that all MASS employees are participating in continuous upgrades to skills and roles at MASS Precision.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is our focus for continued growth and new opportunities from both current and new Customers.
Customer feedback, the voice of the customer, is shared with management to better understand expectations and continue to improve customer relations.
Formal Management Review takes place on a monthly basis include maintaining focus on customer satisfaction, and to review feedback (surveys, feedback reports, quote capture rates, etc.), issues and actions pertaining to specifications, lead-times, system capabilities, DPPM expectations and responsiveness.

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